2016: Red Ventures Year in Review

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We’re just going to say it: 2016 was nuts.

More specifically, at RV we expanded offices in Charlotte and Brazil, we acquired our first West Coast office in Seattle, spun out some powerful nonprofits (like Road2Hire), and launched TEN new partnerships(!). Meanwhile, we were also making big investments in our technology platforms, leadership development programs, and data science. Plus, we found some…unorthodox ways to give back to the community (why is it always dancing?).

Check out some of our favorite stats from the past year at Red Ventures, including how many lines of code our developers wrote (43 MILLION!), how many miles we ran for charity (we literally could have made it around the world), how many lattes we ordered at Ilios (too many), and much much more:

How did we compare to 2015? Check out last year’s post and see for yourself!

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About the Author:

Kelly McMurtrie | Senior Creative Producer

Kelly is a Senior Creative Producer on the Red Ventures Corporate Communications team and the secret voice behind our website content, video content, and social media. She is currently writing about herself in the third person.

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