2018: Red Ventures Year In Review

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2018 was a really BIG year at Red Ventures.

We’re officially a global brand – with 3,500 teammates in 14 offices (from London to Los Angeles) across 3 continents. We brought L&D to new heights (clocking in 7.2k hours of learning), launched not one but TWO social impact initiatives, broke into brand new industries, and brought back Culture FEST. This time, the guest list included an astronaut, a slew of fire twirlers, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, and a very loud DJ.

In sum, we learned, we grew, we gave back, and we had a blast doing it. Here’s a look back at the numbers that made 2018 a championship year at Red Ventures:

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About the Author:

Kara Robertson | Creative Producer

Kara is a Clemson grad and creative producer who joined the RV Corporate Communications team in 2017. She manages INSPIRED, creates all kinds of content for the Red Ventures brand, and wears more orange than medically recommended. (Go Tigers!)

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