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A truly fulfilling listen! - If you aren’t familiar with Ric’s story, what he’s experienced and what he’s built...just listen to this podcast. Ric is a visionary business leader who employs thousands around the world, yet his humility is what’s most impressive. Give this a listen and I’m sure you’ll find it as fulfilling as I do!

Access and insight without ego - A number of podcasts have access to extraordinary people, but hosts often muddy it up by feeling the need to show how smart and/or accomplished they are. Ric, a wildly accomplished person in his own right, has no ego in these interviews.

Condensed wisdom! - Subscribed! I really liked the personal approach and the depth of the conversation. Super useful format to get take aways and insights from people with a lot of extraordinary experience.

Season 2

Not Impossible (Mick Ebeling) Listen Now

Not Impossible (Mick Ebeling)

Mick Ebeling is the founder of Not Impossible Labs - an award-winning technology incubator dedicated to “doing things that can’t be done.”

Longevity & The Future of Medicine (Dr. Peter Attia) Listen Now

Longevity & The Future of Medicine (Dr. Peter Attia)

In Part 2 of Ric's conversation with Dr. Peter Attia, hear predictions about we could cure diabetes and cancer in the next 10 years, ultra endurance, and parenting. - 1 minute read

Sleep, Exercise & Nutrition (Dr. Peter Attia) Listen Now

Sleep, Exercise & Nutrition (Dr. Peter Attia)

What’s the one thing you can start doing now to help prevent dementia? How do you get better, more restful sleep? What are the core elements of a balanced nutrition? - 1 minute read

Leading the Pack (Abby Wambach) Listen Now

Leading the Pack (Abby Wambach)

Abby Wambach is a soccer legend. She’s won two FIFA World Cups, two Olympic gold medals, and she currently holds the world record for all-time international goals scored - among men and women.

Pushing Limits (Jesse Itzler) Listen Now

Pushing Limits (Jesse Itzler)

How do you overcome self-doubt & push past physical & mental fatigue?

Driving Success (Rick Hendrick) Listen Now

Driving Success (Rick Hendrick)

How do you find competitive advantages to get ahead? How do you keep the grind, even after victory?

Living Longer & Happier (Marshall Rauch) Listen Now

Living Longer & Happier (Marshall Rauch)

What’s the secret to living a longer, happier life? How can we all create our own luck, and extend our "peak performance?" According to Marshall Rauch, the answer is simple. "Don't take yourself too seriously."

Training to Win (with Christian McCaffrey & Luke Kuechly) Listen Now

Training to Win (with Christian McCaffrey & Luke Kuechly)

Even if you're NOT aiming to become an NFL MVP, here's one thing to remember: "You'll never reach the peak." Enjoy the process, and know there's always another gear.

Motivating Greatness (with Ron Rivera) Listen Now

Motivating Greatness (with Ron Rivera)

How does Ron Rivera motivate greatness in the Carolina Panthers? By leading with clarity and focus, and most importantly - being in the moment.

Becoming #1 (with Andy Roddick) Listen Now

Becoming #1 (with Andy Roddick)

What does it take to become Number 1? How do you sustain that level of performance over time? And how do you make the call when it’s time to move on to something else?

Season 1

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Discipline (with Jay Bilas) Listen Now

Discipline (with Jay Bilas)

In part two of this two-part episode, Ric and ESPN sports analyst Jay Bilas talk about life outside of basketball. - 1 Minute read

Madness (with Jay Bilas) Listen Now

Madness (with Jay Bilas)

In part one of this two-part episode, Ric sits down with ESPN sports analyst Jay Bilas during the 2019 NCAA March Madness tournament. - 1 minute read

Failure (with Dan O’Brien) Listen Now

Failure (with Dan O’Brien)

He's an American former decathlete and Olympic gold medalist who had one of the most dramatic moments in sports history – and then one of the greatest comebacks of all time. - 1 minute read

Impact (with Mark Tatum) Listen Now

Impact (with Mark Tatum)

NBA Deputy Commissioner and COO Mark Tatum talks globalization and the future of sports betting. - 1 minute read

Revenge (with Bobby Flay) Listen Now

Revenge (with Bobby Flay)

World-famous chef, restaurateur, and TV star Bobby Flay shares stories from Iron Chef to the White House. - 1 minute read

Awareness (with Dandapani) Listen Now

Awareness (with Dandapani)

Dandapani lived as a monk for 10 years and now travels the world as a leading mindfulness expert. - 1 minute read

Revolution (with Leymah Gbowee) Listen Now

Revolution (with Leymah Gbowee)

The inspiring story of an activist and Nobel Peace prize winner who helped end the civil war in Liberia. - 1 minute read

Purpose (with Howard Schultz) Listen Now

Purpose (with Howard Schultz)

A deep conversation with former Starbucks CEO (and aspiring politician?) Howard Schultz. - 1 minute read

Coaching (with Larry Fitzgerald) Listen Now

Coaching (with Larry Fitzgerald)

Hear NFL superstar Larry Fitzgerald's thoughts on bad calls in the NFL and how top athletes approach "getting better every day." - 1 minute read

Leadership (with Col. Chris Hadfield) Listen Now

Leadership (with Col. Chris Hadfield)

Former commander of the International Space Station, Colonel Chris Hadfield predicts when humans can expect to start living on the moon. (Spoiler: very soon.) - 1 minute read


SNEAK PEEK: 3 Things Season Two Listen Now

SNEAK PEEK: 3 Things Season Two

What does "performance" really mean... and what can we learn from people who have defined what it means to reach the peak? Launching Fall 2019!

Introducing 3 Things with Ric Elias Listen Now

Introducing 3 Things with Ric Elias

On the 3 Things podcast, I am sharing access to private conversations with some remarkable friends - and 3 simple things we can all learn from each.