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I’ve been at Red Ventures for almost 3 years after working as an account manager at a small public relations studio. As a Senior Copywriter, I work directly with RV designers and analysts to create new website experiences that increase customer engagement for our digital brands.

My mornings: I live in South End which is about 20 miles away from work, so every morning I carpool with my bestie/fellow copywriter Margaret Smith (See totally candid selfie below). We typically listen to a podcast or two, catch up on the last few hours we’ve spent apart since our last commute, and arrive to work around 8:30 a.m.

(Don’t worry, we only take selfies when parked.)

The first thing I do when I get to my desk is check my email and get a coffee from one of our onsite cafes. (Hot, iced – doesn’t matter as long as it’s a LARGE.) Then I catch up with my teammate/offspring (OK, mentee)/pride & joy – Claire – about what’s on our schedule for the week. Typical tasks include creating new landing pages for our brand partners, iterating on previous creative tests, writing new chat scripts or optimizing our cart buy-flow. Based on our capacity and brand partner’s needs, we’ll go ahead and schedule any necessary meetings and white-boarding sessions for the upcoming week. For example, my team just spent the past week in a creative sprint as we prepare for a major site redesign, while another content team at RV worked around the clock to update offer changes across all of our web experiences for their particular brand partner . No week here is ever the same!

Pictured: Me teaching Claire the consequences of attempting to photobomb your manager on the company blog.

For lunch: I usually eat and catch up with other writers and analysts in one of our cafes (depending on who has the better daily special).  At my last job I used to leave for lunch, but by the time you drive somewhere to get food – half your lunch break is gone! Here, any time I feel like I need a quick break from staring at my computer screen, I’ll walk a few laps on the track or outside if the weather is nice. I’m pretty competitive with FitBit challenges.  

Afternoon activities: If it’s Thursday, I’ll spend the afternoon in my MLEP class. MLEP is our Management and Leadership Essentials program, which is essentially 3 months of coaching and training about how to be a better manager and leader. I LOVE that Red Ventures provides this class and allows me to take time out of my day for it, because it’s given me the confidence boost I needed as I first started working with a direct report.

Once I wrap up any remaining tasks, Margaret and I will either hit the RV gym or head out around 5:30 p.m. 

Total daily coffee intake: 3 cups.

Total number of meetings: 4.

Total Slack messages sent: The limit does not exist.

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About the Author:

Elizabeth Segarra

Elizabeth Segarra is a Senior Copywriter who works with RV designers and analysts to create new website experiences for our partners' digital brands. Before joining Red Ventures, she worked as an account manager at a small public relations studio.

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