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I am honored to share three conversations with remarkable people who have changed the course of history in different ways: Colonel Chris Hadfield is a leader in space exploration and former commander of the International Space Station; Leymah Gbowee is a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, after helping to end a civil war in her country; and Howard Schultz is the founder of Starbucks, and one of my dearest friends and mentors.

See below for full episodes, but here are my top takeaways from all three:

1) True leadership is about preparing for the inevitable moments when things will go wrong. As Chris and I discuss, anyone can claim to be a leader when things are going well, but the quiet times are where leaders are truly made. It’s why the army does drills, it’s why astronauts live in simulators – and it’s why my personal hero, Captain Sullenberger, was able to take quick action under pressure.

2) If you’re truly passionate about something, you just have to get in the game. Put as many “dots” on the board as possible, and in time, you can connect them by looking back. Leymah had a dream, which led her to start a movement, which grew to include more than 40,000 women. Her mass action campaign, which led to the ending of the war, started with seven women and ten US dollars.

3) If you’re a leader in any organization, it is your responsibility to use your platform as a force for positive change. As Howard shared, “we didn’t start the company to get rich. We started it to build a great enduring company – and we needed people with like-minded values, whether we were small, medium-sized, or large – to scale the company for the right reasons. We needed people to embrace the original idea of balancing profit with benevolence, social conscience, and sharing success.”

Listen to the full episodes here:

In this episode: The pace of progress in space exploration, and when humans can expect to start living on the moon. 
In this episode:  What it’s like to stand up to an oppressive President, and what it takes to start a movement.
In this episode: Howard’s unique childhood, founding Starbucks, and servant leadership.

About 3 Things

Ric Elias learned 3 things from surviving the Miracle on the Hudson. Now he’s sharing conversations with remarkable people, and 3 things we all can take away from each.

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Ric Elias | Co-Founder & CEO

Ric Elias is CEO and co-founder of Red Ventures. In 2009, he survived the "Miracle on the Hudson,” which led to his viral TED Talk, "3 Things I Learned While My Plane Crashed." In 2011, Ric was named Ernst & Young National Entrepreneur of the Year, and in 2016 he was inducted into the Carolinas Entrepreneur Hall of Fame. Ric has founded several social impact initiatives including RoadtoHire, Golden Door Scholars, LifeSports, and Forward787. A native of Puerto Rico, Ric attended Boston College and Harvard Business School.

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