Road to Hire: 2020 Impact

Hundreds of unstoppable young people began building their careers through Road to Hire in 2020. In each of Road to Hire’s three programs—Pathways, Scholarships, and Apprenticeships—students made powerful investments in themselves and in closing the opportunity divide in our community. Road to Hire’s partners and hundreds of volunteers proudly supported high school seniors, college students, and young professionals on their way to strong, sustainable careers. Three entry points. One path to economic justice.


Students in Charlotte’s high-poverty high schools are three times less likely to graduate from college than their more affluent peers. Road to Hire is changing that by partnering with our local school districts to drive equity. Schools and teachers do heroic work, but they can’t do it alone. 

Marlette Daakiwas, Garinger High School
  • 2020 Recap: Road to Hire’s Pathways in-school program grew to 200 students, serving seniors at five high schools with paid internships, tech classes and college prep electives.
  • Fast Forward: 140 Pathways graduates will enter college and apprenticeships (with the tech and business fundamentals they learned in Pathways). They are on track to graduate debt-free from Road to Hire partner universities and jumpstart their careers with jobs in high growth fields.


The college dream feels out of reach for many first-generation students and their families. Road to Hire is investing with students to eliminate financial and social capital barriers so that it can and will become a reality for many.

Axel Herrera Ramos, Duke University Alum
  • 2020 Recap: 357 students continued toward their degrees in 2020 with four-year tuition scholarships from Road to Hire, including Golden Door Scholar and newly announced Rhodes Scholar Santiago Potes Tobar. They will join 112 alumni crushing it at Apple, Bank of America, Red Ventures, in graduate school, and as mentors, paying it forward!
  • Fast Forward: Hundreds of first-generation Americans will continue shattering expectations with the support of their hard-earned scholarships and Road toHire’s volunteer mentors.


Post-COVID, experts expect over 6 million young adults in America to be neither working nor in school. Learning tech and coding—and getting paid to do it—is changing the future for hundreds of Road to Hire Apprentices.

Vanessa Baker, Bank of America
  • 2020 Recap: Road to Hire’s apprentice alumni group grew to include 156 emerging tech professionals in career-path, life-changing jobs at companies like Lowe’s, Bank of America, Novant Health, Atrium Health, and Red Ventures. And it doesn’t end there—50 more apprentices are on track to graduate in March 2021.
  • Fast Forward: Road to Hire is gearing up to launch a Cybersecurity Apprenticeship in April 2021. Stay tuned for more details!

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