SNEAK PEEK: 3 Things Season Two

To me, the great peak performers out there are the people who are driven by the notion that there’s always another gear. There’s always a way to get better.

What if you could hear what goes through an athlete’s head after winning a world championship?

What’s the real secret to a longer, happier life?

How do you stay at the top of your game longer?

How do you sleep better?

How do you become a leader?

What does “performance” really mean… and what can we learn from people who have defined what it means to reach the peak? 

This season on 3 Things with Ric Elias, we’re diving deep into those questions and more.

It’s 20 minutes. 2 people. And 3 simple insights we can all use to find the next gear.

Check out all ten episodes of Season 1 now, and subscribe for new episodes – coming soon!

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