Where are they now? RV Alumni (John Murray)

“As a company, we will judge our success by what our employees – and our alumni – change in the world.”  -CEO Ric Elias

John Murray

 📍Red Ventures Design Lead (Charlotte, NC)

💾 IBM Design Lead (Austin, TX)

 🔎 Google Senior Interaction Designer (Austin, TX)

John Murray joined Red Ventures in 2010 as a Junior UX Designer. After 5 years of experience, he moved on to work as a Design Lead at IBM and is now a Senior Interaction Designer at Google.

“It’ll sound cliché, but the thing I take away from every good job I’ve ever had is meaningful relationships with the people I worked with – and some of my closest friendships started at Red Ventures. 

Red Ventures taught me how to take initiative and step into unfamiliar roles with an eager mind and the courage of heart to cast aside any thoughts of failure. RV is where I took my first steps into leadership.

Does RV “accelerate careers?” Definitely yes. This is one of the few places where you’re given the opportunity to try something out of your comfort zone. And aside from the culture of innovation, its size gives you a fair mix between agency and enterprise life. Large enough to find side projects, but small enough to receive credit when it’s due. Since moving on from RV, I’ve found that not many places will give you that experience on the same level.

It’s exciting to see RV grow. I think back fondly on my time, and I definitely cheer the company on from the sidelines. I spent five great years there. That’s not something I’ll easily forget.”

Want to learn more about what John’s up to now? Connect with him on LinkedIn, and follow him everywhere on social @heyjohnmurray.

More RV Alumni: Meet Ricky Stephens, who helped launch RV’s first international expansion before launching (and selling) a successful start-up in NYC.

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